Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Vintage, or not?

I've asked the question on Twitter, "what makes an item "vintage"? is there a proper definition?". I will post any answers, I need to know as I would like to create vintage inspired fascinators.....

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  1. Various responses from Twiter

    "RETRO-40'S-50'S culture and clothes,reproduction clothes count I think. Vintage- Anything older than 30 years."

    "I'd say retro is late 50s to late 60's and vintage is earlier."

    "I would say retro is something new meant to imitate an older style but vintage is something actually made during that era."

    "I go by car standards anything over 20 years is a vintage or classic car."

    "I beleive a car is considered vintage if its at least 30 years old. Im assuming clothes are the same way?<3"