Thursday, 1 April 2010

Tribal Bellydance Hairbands

Tribal Bellydance Headband.

For all you tribal bellydancers out there, these are just for you! I will be making a range of these so if you are interested, let me know if there is a particular colour you would like integrated into the design. As I make each one I will add it to my blog and Facebook Fanpage before I put it on sale, so you will get the first viewings.

This is made with a black fabric base, with black fabric flower. The headband is decorated with a cream trim, cream and black heavy trim, cowrie shells and metal filigree. The filigree have holes for you to add your own adornments aswell.
This item is secured with elastic which runs underneath you hair.

This item will be on sale for £30.

Another one to add to the collection, this one is cream and silver. This also £30. Cream and silver colours. Cream rose to one side and a silver button mounted on a cream yoyo. Decorated with cowrie shells, buttons, and Tibetan silver charms (starfish, fish and leaves), and a few silver bellydance coins in between. There are felt loops at either side for you to add ribbons or cowrie shells. There are also lengths of cream ribbon at either side included.

On sale in my shop at SH Creations, STUFF Market Place, Middle St, Croydon.

If you would like to purchase any of these items from my webstore, please follow the link below.

Kuchi Headdresses

These are not handmade. I bought them then decided 5 of them were just too many for 1 person! Three remain available, in green, red and purple.

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