Saturday, 29 August 2015

How I Am Making Money Online

Just to be upfront, I do have a full time job so making money online is a hobby and for building for retirement.
I will talk about my experience only and the sites I am using and how I have found them.

Tsu is my favourite for socialising
Tsu Invite
I have several accounts on there now, so if you join, I will send friend requests from all of them.
Tsu is very similar to Facebook, but you get paid. You post like you would on Facebook and you can link to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts so you don't need to post twice. I am very selective about what I post to Facebook as I know my friends do not want to see an endless stream of pictures of food!!! On Tsu, I post everything. Food is a really popular item and quite regularly get shared, so if you can't think of anything to say, post a picture of your lunch and comment on what it is.
So, how does Tsu work, here is an easy to understand image

So, you need an invite, the inviter becomes your parent, and the invitee is the child. My link above provides an invite, just fill in some very quick details, confirm your account and away you go, start posting, start earning. 
Now, this is not a get rich quick scheme ... you will not earn Tsu $100 by posting a picture, you might earn them 1 cent to start with, and you will get half a cent ... You need to spend the first 2 months building your profile, making friends, following key people, and learning from the great tips and advice that gets posted. And lastly, you need to bring in children, they are key to your earnings, otherwise you are solely dependent on your own activity. And, it is much more fun if your friends in real life join.
This site was good to start with but they have hit a few glitches that I think they are coming out of. This site is where you do microjobs for companies to give opinions on products. It is really easy to use and I do reccommend joining but as you get higher rated, you will find less and less jobs. You can cash out at $100. I am currently stuck at $94 as there have not been any high rated jobs recently. Once the high rated jobs pick up again I will be able to cash out.
Join Thumbzz 

This site is great, but needs lots of time. Here you can watch videos, do surveys, comment on conversations and you earn points for each. There are all sorts of things to do on here and there are lots of people that use it everyday to top up their cash. You can cash out at $5. To get to this value you will need to earn 1000 points. To get a jump start everyday you need to do some surveys as they regularly give 18-35 points. Set up your Daily Target as well as this will give you some bonus points everyday. It only takes about 3 days for the cash to come through.
Chatabout Invite

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