Saturday, 1 August 2020

The all new Tsu

If you are reading this, then you have probably seen the advert for the new social media platform. Just to be clear, it is free to join, so no monetary investment required. 

Well, here it is, a brilliant site with a lot of future plans. New features being delivered regularly. And, a rapidly expanding user group. See the video the leadership team created to tell you what it is all about.

You can post pictures or videos. Videos over 1 minute long will be the most lucrative. 

You need to treat this like any other social media platform. Post regularly, share others posts, like posts, and engage with other users and their posts. You can create or join communities, both public or private. So you can post into these groups to share with like minded people. Posts on your feed or in groups are all monetized. The creator is the only person who earns from teh post, not the page administrators.

Here is the CEO if you want to look him up. You are able to engage with him daily Monday to Friday as he runs a live feed / show at around 3pm UK time (10am EST).

Tell them @SallyHebden sent you.

Follows will be immediate, and expect lots of friend requests. Your choice if you accept the friend requests.

New features being developed.
  • Video adverts. If you post videos that are more than one minute long then you should get a 15 second ad attached to your video. This will be worth more than a picture ad. Longer videos may have ads in the middle or at the end as well, so another earning opportunity.
  • Tsupport button. This will be a button where your fans can click the button to give you some love, if they then watch the full advert that pops up, then the creator will receive additional ad revenue from the ad watched.
  • Store fronts. This will be the biggest earner for those that enjoy affiliate selling or have their own products to sell. This will be a store where you can advertise products, items you recommend, items you make. We are still waiting for more information on how this is going to work. You will earn 50% of the affiliate seller revenue, Tsu gets the other half.
  • Ability to post to your other social media platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter.
  • More video and music editing features, they are bringing in state of the art technology. 
If that is enough information for you, then join here.

Tell them @SallyHebden sent you.

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