Sunday, 3 May 2015

What's New With SHCreations and Hebdens Handmades

Well, just a quick round up really ...

I have recently discovered Tsu, the social networking site that pays you to post, yup, that's right folks, you get paid!!! So, I have been building my profiles on this site and working out how best to use it. I have been on there for aroun 6-7 weeks now and it is going well ... ok, I post a lot and earn 30cents a day ( yes, the site in USD). But, it is a really fun site, none of the cyber bullying you get on other sites, everybody just helping each other to make a few pennies here and there. You can also donate them to charities that are registered with them, so you can post to just donate as well.

I have linked my Hebdens Handmades profile on there to my Facebook page SHCreations. There will be links to all of these scattered around the edge of my post.

My grand plan is to spend time blogging about handmade stuff, whether it be my own or some other fabulous sellers I have found online. Posting the majority on Tsu and extending my reach to help support the handcraft industry, with a few posts landing on my Facebook Page. People seem to enjoy lots of posts on Tsu, but Facebook seems to make people irrate when they see too many.

Anyway, expect to see more blogging from me again, and feel free to use my invite to join Tsu, it is invite only, but you will understand why once you understand the monetisation process. So it is not an exclusive club!!!  But I recommend you get in early as you will miss out on having "children" on there which brings in more money for you. Here are some of the posters they use to explain it.

My Tsu

Well, happy handmaking and hope to read you all soon!

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